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Postdoctoral Fellowships

The group of Prof. DiMauro at The Ohio State University has openings for  postdoctoral research associate in experimental atomic and optical physics. The group's current interests are focused on the generation, measurement and application of attosecond pulses, i.e. time-resolved electron dynamics and molecular tomography. A collaboration with SLAC for investigating studying ultrafast dynamics using the LCLS x-ray free-electron laser is ongoing. The group main interest is studying how electrons move in matter at time scales as fast as attoseconds and length scales as small as angstroms (

The research has two main thrust:

1) Conduct investigations into a new technique developed by the group which applies attosecond light to simulate fundamental rescattering physics at and beyond the classical limit.

2) Study fundamental processes of strong field ionization in the low-frequency regime.

Experience in short pulse lasers and ultra-high vacuum techniques is desirable, although we seek the best overall experimentalists. Funding for this position is available immediately but there is some flexibility about the starting date. For further information, please contact Louis DiMauro ( To apply for this position, please send your CV and names, e-mail and telephone numbers of three references.

Fully-funded Postdoc in theoretical condensed matter physics at the Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Croatia



The Baker group is seeking candidates for a postdoctoral position at Ohio State University to replace a previous researcher who has just moved on to an academic position.  The work will be in the area of ultrafast XUV spectroscopy of molecules and surfaces.  Representative publications include J. Phys. Chem., 126, 10752, 2022 ( and Acc. Chem. Res., 55, 893, 2022 (  It is likely that the individual will also have the opportunity to participate in first experiments during the commissioning of the NSF NeXUS facility (, which is currently under construction at OSU.  Applications from individuals traditionally underrepresented in STEM are particularly welcome.  Interested applicants should send a CV, summary of research accomplishments, brief statement of future goals, and 3 references to Robert Baker via email (

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